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Simply put, we tailor your IT setup to suit your requirements perfectly. Delivering complete IT solutions and steadfast services suitable for all sectors across Northampton and wider areas. From acquiring premium IT hardware to installing robust Wi-Fi networks, safeguarding against cyber threats, and serving as your external IT partner – we enable you to optimise your technology with ease.

Which IT Service Do You Need?

Our IT solutions are tailored to any sized company and industry across Northamptonshire to meet, streamline and improve your requirements. 

Partnering with HP, Microsoft and more, we source the latest IT technology. Alternatively, go green with our Simply Circular IT, where we refurbish and recycle equipment. 

Secure cloud storage, personalised CRMs, and efficient data-sharing facilities – we install the right software that modernises processes and increases productivity.

Protecting your data involves robust cyber security systems and education. We offer both solutions to ensure your business is protected from every possibility.

Stay connected with colleagues, customers, and clients no matter where they are. Our solutions seamlessly connect your team to the people and software they need.

We source suitable mobile models to meet your team’s requests, along with individual numbers and cost-effective contracts from the biggest mobile companies.

Unlimited by location, a private network offers incredible speeds, reliability and direct lines for your colleagues and customers to be reachable at all times. 

You will never be left in the dark when it comes to IT problems. Our professional advice, consultancy, and IT management services are available 24/7.

Our technicians install high-quality CCTV systems and fast Wi-Fi solutions for warehouses, schools, car parks and businesses throughout Northamptonshire.

Why Choose Simply Techspace?

For us, great service and excellent products go hand in hand. We believe in delivering the best IT management and practical solutions to not only meet your daily needs but exceed them. That’s why we’re here for the entire process: to supply, secure and support our clients with their IT and technology setup.

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